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Embroidery digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is an integral part of machine embroidery process.  If you want your company logo, team emblem or any kind of graphic artwork in an embroidery form, then you need an embroidery digitizer to convert it into digital format for machine embroidery process. Embroidery digitizer uses embroidery digitizing software to transform an existing logo (image or text) into digital stitches, making it possible for an embroidery machine to work on it.

Vector Art OR Vector Illustration

Vector art or vector illustration is a conversion from a raster (low resolution) images to a vector (high resolution) images mainly for printing purpose. Printing has much higher resolution (typically 600 pixels/dots per inch, DPI) than what you see on a computer screen (typically 72 pixels/dots per inch, DPI). This means that while something might show just fine on your screen, it is going to look “grainy” or pixelated when actually printed.

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